Whats New

I have listed below updates to the website that have been provided to allow easy navigation, where you can click on the link below to go direct to the page, although please note I have not specifically referenced new material on the pages, just updated what was there previously


What was updated

Who Provided

1959 Shredded Wheat Cubs Battling Knights

Jacques Vincent

1966 Frosties 3D Model Tropical Birds

Andy Hooker

1966 Sugar Puffs Punch & Judy Show

Tony Parker

1967 Ricicles Noddy Figures

Erik Jensen

1991 Ricicles Spaceship Game

1992 Cornflakes Bike Reflector

Chris Platts

1993 Frosties Gameboy Collector Cards Posters

Matthew Williams

1997 Nesquik 3D Pictures

Derek Wilson

1992 Ricicles Capt Rik Watch

Mathew Rowe

1989 Shredded Wheat N Gauge Steam Engine

Jeff Stevenson

1976 Frosties De Havilland 88 Comet model

Jonathan Hazelwood

1974 Puffa Puffa Rice Model Pirates

Jon Eadon

1970s Shredded Wheat Football Iron-On Transfer

1974 25k Weetabix Family Competition

1972 Sugar Puffs Jeremy Bear Book

Mark Amies

1966 Sugar Smacks 1924 Bull-Nose Morris Cowley Model

Matt Chambers

1959 Weetabix Regiments of British Army

Jade Friend

1974 Weetabix Robin Hood Cards

Chris Bull

1977 Weetabix Huckleberry Hound’s Funtastic Friends

1982 Weetabix Badges with comics

1975 Golden Nuggets Secret Code Maker

1971 Ricicles Magic Roundabout Book

1982 Cornflakes Stamp Bug Xmas Cover

1966 Sugar Puffs Farm Animals

1966 Shredded Wheat Moon Battle

Paul Gibbons

1960 Oat Krunchies Super Jet Water Pistol

Giles Hughes

1954 Puffed Wheat Hi Hat

Paul Beresford

1963 Oat Krunchies Space Cards

Bill Blakely

1984 Golden Oaties Fun Book

Geoff Wright

1993 Frosties Gameboy Collector Cards Posters

Adrian Allen

1966 Shredded Wheat Cubs Tarzan Adventure

Tom Vinelott

1956 Shredded Wheat Disney Model Theatre

Keith Hartwell

1940s Cornflakes Finger Puppets

1940s Cornflakes Funny Face Cut Outs

1950s Cornflakes BOAC Model Planes

1950s Shreddies Puzzles

1953 Cornflakes False Face Masks

1954 Shredded Wheat Super Flying Space Models

1955 Cornflakes Mask of Famous Clowns

1955 Shredded Wheat Chipperfields Circus

1955 Shredded Wheat Story of Ships

1960 Shredded Wheat Moon Rover

1961 Shreddies Jetliner Model plane

1961 Weetabix Thrill 3D Cards

Phil’s Comics

1964 Sugar Puffs Luminous Deep Sea Fish

1966 Frosties Hobbies Competition

1950 Cornflakes Motor Cars Cards

1966 Ricicles Noddy Badges

1966 Sugar Puffs Julie Doll

1968 Ricicles Noddy at the Seaside Record

1980s Weetabix Weetagang stickers

Dave R

1974 Frosties Coins of the World

Darren Hanning

1984 Coco Pops Lenticular Ruler

Alex Colledge

1957 Ricicles Noddy Farm Animals

Nick Symes

1958 Sugar Puffs BMC Motor Cars

1959 Cornflakes Spinzip

1960 Sugar Puffs Triple Jet Dart Gun

1960 Weetabix Regiments of British Army set 3

1967 Sugar Puffs Pirate Medallions

1969  Sugar Smacks Star Trek Badges

1969 Coco Krispies Sooty By The Sea Transfers

1969 Ricicles Magic Roundabout Magic Painting Book

1969 Ricicles Noah & His Animals Models

1970s Sugar Puffs Heroes of Land

1970s Sugar Smacks Footballer

1971 Puffa Puffa Rice Warriors Through The Ages

1971 Shreddies Aristocats Crazy Face

1971 Sugar Smacks Dr Who Bessie Cardboard model Car

1972 Sugar Smacks Funny Uglies

1973 Shreddies Tom & Jerry Iron on transfer

1975 Coco Krispies Magic Painting Book

1975 Cornflakes Free Train Ticket

1975 Sugar Smacks Gamekeeper Max Iron on Patch

1975 Weetabix Dr Who & Enemies

1978 Shredded Wheat Spoonsize Wildlife Stamps

1981 Shredded Wheat Play n Wipe 4D game

1985 Coco Pops Model Animals

1985 Cornflakes Letter Writing set

1985 Frosties Tony Models

1986 Cornflakes Klippits

1986 Cornflakes Soda Sub Boat & Diver

1986 Ricicles Mask

1990 Shreddies Crazy Hopper

1999 Cornflakes Star Wars Episode 1 Jedi Journey

1999 Frosties NBA Sports  Bottle

1999 Frosties Star Wars Battle for Naboo

2000 Frosties Pokemon Action Cards

2005 Shredded Wheat Honey Nut Puffin Books

2011 Coco Pops Rocks Croc Bag Clip






Tips for Providing New items for publishing

I have tried to publish good quality pictures on the site, as well as have a better quality one in my archive for anyone that wishes it.  To achieve this and consistency of image, that blends well with the web site, please could I ask when submitting pictures you:-

  • avoid using flash where it will distort the image (mainly on packets & cards)
  • Take photos against a white background
  • For packets and cards try and take overhead shot (if scan not possible) which is directly above, so packet item dimensions are not distorted. Only copy the side panels if they have some type of offer, otherwise a close up of the back panel as per examples below

Below are some examples from my own experience when taking most of the pictures that appear in the site


Dimension good but low light gives colour distortion


Flash distortion and off centre so cropping will generate non uniform picture


Overhead shot on white background to then allow for cropping

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