Over the years Weetabix have issued a number of send away promotions, free gifts and cut out packet backs.  Here are items from my own and other peoples collections

Please let me know of anything that can be added.  I have detailed in the yellow box on each of the offers, the types of items/information I am still looking for.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more details and pictures on each offer


1930s Weetabix Breakfast set2 small
Breakfast Set
1950s Weetabix tin1 small
Weetabix Tin
1940s Weetabix Recipes1 small


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1957 Weetabix Wonderplane (1)1 small
Wonder Plane
1957 Weetabix Wonder World Atlas1 small
Wonder World Atlas
1958 Weetabix Conquest of Space Series A 4
Space Cards Set A
1959 Weetabix Conquest of Space Series B 4
Space Cards Set B
1959 Weetabix Children of Other Lands set 1 JApan1 small
Children of other Lands Set 1
1959 Weetabix Children of Other Lands set 2 Japan1 small
Children of other Lands Set 2
1950s Weetabix Wonder Book of Birds1 small
Wonder Book of Birds
1956 Weetabix Knife offer (betr)1 small
Carving Knife
1959 Weetabix Regiments of British Army Set 1 No 7 Musketeer
Regiments of British Army
1960s Weetabix Regiments of British Army Set 2 2nd Dragoon Guar
Regiments of British Army Set 2
1950s Weetabix Free Sample Box (4)1 small
Sample Packet
1956 Weetabix 2 x 6D National Savings Stamps1 small
2x 6d National Savings Stamps
1950 Weetabix Eagle Competition1 small
Eagle Competition
1950s Weetabix recipe booklet 6 small
Hints & Recipes
1950s Raphael Tuck Happy Hours Painting Colouring In Book1 smal
Bunnies Painting Competition







Weetabix Workshop’s - 1950s

1953 Weetabix workshop series 1 Saloon Car made1 small
Series 1
Weetabix workshop series 2 Jeep (1)1 small
Series 2
1954 Weetabix workshop series 3 Taxi made1 small
Series 3
1955 Weetabix workshop series 4 Observation Coach made1 small1
Series 4
1955 Weetabix workshop series 5 Jaguar Saloon Car made (1)1 sma
Series 5
1955 Jan Weetabix workshop series 6  Bulldozer1 small
Series 6


Series 7 No. 139 London Transport Single Deck Bus  1 small
Series 7
Weetabix workshop series 8 MG Sports Car made (1)1 small
Series 8
Weetabix Workshop Series 9 Army Armoured Scout Car made1 small
Series 9
Weetabix Workshop Veteran Cars Series 10 1898 Columbia Electric
Series 10
Weetabix workshop series 11 Vintage 12.50 Alvis (betr)1 small
Series 11
Weetabix workshop series 12 Veteran 1910 A C Sociable1 small
Series 12
Weetabix Workshop Series 13 Vintage 38-250 Supercharged Mercede
Series 13


Weetabix workshop series small 14 Ready Mixed Concrete Agitator
Series 14
Series 15 No. 190 Pullman 1st. Class Brake Car  small
Series 15


1960s Weetabix Workshop Series 16 London Midland Coronation Loc
Series 16
Series 17 No. 198 Eastern Region Class 8 Locomotive1 small
Series 17
Weetabix workshop series 18 Railway set 4 Southern Region Co-Co
Series 18
Weetabix Workshop Series 19 35 Ton Bogie Petrol Tank Wagon - Tr
Series 19



1960 - 65

1959 Weetabix Western Story 4
Western Story
1960s Weetabix Regiments of British Army Set 3 15th Light Drago
Regiments of British Army Set 3
1960 Weetabix Working Dogs 3D Cards 1 front1
Working Dogs 3D Cards
1960 Weetabix Animal 3D Cards 2 front1
Animal 3D Cards
1961 Weetabix Our Pets 3D Cards 4
Our Pets 3D Cards
1961 Weetabix Thrill 3D cards 2
Thrill 3D Cards
1962 Weetabix British Birds 3D cards2
British Birds 3D Cards
1959 Weetabix Children of Other Lands Set 3 Holand1 small
Children of Other Lands - Set 3
1962 Weetabix 10 in 1 Scope 4
10 in 1 Scope
1963 Weetabix British Cars 3D cards2
British Cards 3D Cards
1962 Weetabix Sing along Party Record1 small
Sing-Along Party Record
1963 Weetabix Wigwam1
Big Chief Wigwam
1963 Weetabix Bicycle competition1
Bicycle Competition
1964 Weetabix Basketball Game (2)1 small
Table Top Basketball
1964 Weetabix Roller Skates Offer item1 small
Roller Skate Savings
1954 Weetabix Microscope (2)1  small
1965 Weetabix Hoop Table Tennis Game (2)1 small
Hoop Table Tennis
1962 Weetabix Wiggli Ball Offer1 small
Wiggli Ball




1966 - 69

1966 Weetabix Swim Jet arm fins
Swim Jet Fins
Jungle Safari Game
1960s Weetabix Super Inflatable Globe (betr)
Super Inflatable Globe
1960s Weetabix Milk Saucepan offer (2)1 small
Milk Saucepan
Shopping Bag
1967 Weetabix Irish Linen1 small
Irish Linen
1967 Weetabix Stainless Steel Casserole Dish01 small
Stainless Steel Casserole
1967 Weetabix Big Value1 small
General Savings
1967 Weetabix Party Mood Album1 small
Party Mood LP
1968 Weetabix Bulb Offer1 small
Garden Bulb
1968 Weetabix Gales Honey1 small
Gales Honey
1968 Weetabix Salter Kitchen Scales Offer1 small
Scales Offer
1968 Weetabix Carpet Sweeper1 small
Carpet Sweeper
1970s Weetabix Crazy Horse Race Game1 small
Crazy Horse Racing Game
1960s Weetabix solar system (betr)
Solar System Wallchart
1969 Weetabix Bathroom Bargains1 small
Bathroom Bargains
Paint Box Offer
1969 Weetabix Pyrex Cereal Bowl1 small
Pyrex Cereal Bowls
1969 Weetabix Swiss Watches1 small
Swiss Watches
1960s Weetabix Thunderbird Cards (1)1 small
Thunderbirds Cards


1970 - 74

1970 Weetabix Sherlock Holmes Detective Kit (2)1 small
Detective Kit & Jigsaw Puzzle
Play Tent
1970 Weetabix Breakfast Set1 small
Breakfast Set
1970 Weetabix Food Storage Containers1 small
Food Storage Containers
1970 Weetabix Sonata Blankets1 small
Sonata Blankets
1970 Weetabix Lego Castle (1)
Lego Castle
1971 Wetabix 3D Space Lines Game 2
Space Liners Game
1971 Weetabix Hurlo & Frisbee (2)1 small
Hurlo & Frisbee
1971 Weetabix Dinner Set1 small
Dinner Set
1970 Weetabix Gaydon Tableware cups1 small
Gaydon Tableware
1960s Weetabix Language Course Offer (betr) (1)
Language Course
1972 Weetabix Junior Tracksuit1 small
Junior Tracksuit
1972 Weetabix Shopping Bag1 small2
Shopping Bag
Car Wash & Garden Set
1970s Weetabix World Atlas (2)1 small
Philips Atlas
1972 Weetabix Kodak Instamatic Camera1 small
Kodak Camera
Poster Paints
1974 Weetabix Robin Hood 3
Robin Hood
1974 Weetabix Bruce Forsyth Family Game Shop Poster1 small
£25k Weetabix Family Game
1970 Weetabix Summer Bargains1 small
Summer Bargains
1970 Weetabix Coffee Set Shop Poster1 small
Alfred Meakin Coffee Set
1970s Weetabix Dormy Blanket Shop Display1 small
Dormy Blanket
1970s Weetabix Salter Wall Clock Shop Display1 small
Salter Wall Clock
1970s Weetabix Lilo Airbed Shop Display1 small
Li-Lo Airbed
1970s Weetabix Tableware Offer Shop Display1 small
1970s Weetabix Win a Sea Cruise Shop Display (1)1 small
Sea Cruise Competition



1975 - 79

1975 Weetabix Dr Who & his Enemies 3
Dr Who & Enemies
1976 Weetabix Asterix cards 4
Asterix Friend & Foes
lego kits
Lego Village
1977 Weetabix Dr Who Action Game 2 back1
Dr Who Action Game
1976 Weetabix Cars of Yesteryear 1909 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost made (2)
Cars of Yesteryear
K&q wall
Kings & Queens Wallchart
1977 Weetabix Naturscape Model made1 small
Naturescape Model
1977 Weetabix Huckleberry Hound 4
Huckleberry Hound
t shirt
Super T Shirt
1978 Weetabix Micky Mouse Playmates 1 front & back (2)1
Mickey Mouse Playmates
1976 Wetabix Legoland Town Shop Poster1 small
Legoland Town
1978 Weetabix Walt Disney Characters & Florida Competition  Don
Walt Disney Characters
1977 Weetabix Hanna Barbara Face Masks Shop Display Top Cat1 sm
TV Cartoon Face Mask
1979 Weetabix Naturecare Picture - British Woodlands Butterflie
Naturecare Pictures
1978 Weetabix Superman 2 back1
1979 Weetabix Amazing World of Batman & Wonderwoman back1
Batman & Wonderwoman
Bathroom Fixtures
1970s Weetabix Salters System 80s 3 small
Salters System 80
1979 Weetabix Kodak Camera Offer1 small
Kodak Camera Offer
1979 Weetabix Salter Scales (betr)2
Bathroom Scales
1981 Weetabix Olympic Swimming Game (betr)
Olympic Games
1970s Weetabix Wall Plaques Locomotives 3 small
Wall Plaques
1970s Weetabix Paint A Play Model Theatre Shop Display1 small
Paint a Play Model Theatre
1978 Wetabix Kodak Instamatic 101 (1)1 small
Kodak Instamatic
1980s Weetabix Corgi Junior Lorry send away
Corgi Junior Lorry
1977 Weetabix Formula 1 Car2 small
Formula 1 Car
1980s Weetabix Lorry cut out WBX 1 made1 small
Cut Out Lorries


1980 Weetabix Star Trek Action Cards Klingon Cruiser Amar done1
Star Trek Motion Picture
1980 Weetabix Legoland Town Shop Poster1 small
Legoland Town
1980 Weetabix Batman Face Mask Batman large (betr)
Batman Facemasks
1981 Weetabix Nourishment Offer1 small
Whole Wheat Nourishment
1981 Weetabix World of Sport Quiz Pic 3
World of Sport Quiz Pic
1981 Weetabix Cycling Safety book
Bikers Kit
1981 Weetabix Flash Gordon Album
Flash Gordon Saves the Earth
1982 Weetabix Model Pop- aways Village leaflet (1)
Model Pop up Village
1982 Weetabix T Shirt (betr)
T Shirt & Pocket Patches
1983 Weetabix Atari Video Game Competiton (2)1 small
Atari Video Game Competition
1983 Weetabix Colour 'em Kits colour
Colour Em in Kits
1983 Weetabix Club members card
Weetabix Club
1983 Weetabix Neet Weet Band stickers5
Neet Weet Beet Band
1983 Weetabix Pop Stickers3
Pop Stickers
1983 Weetabix Weeta Moulds (1)1 small
Weeta Moulds
1983 Weetabix Board games No 3 Pop to the Shop (2)1 small
Board Games
1983 Weetabix Play the Game Dominoes
Play the Game
1984 Weetabix Camera & T Shirt offer
Camera & T Shirt
Weetabix Choose Your Adventure badge (betr)
Choose your own Adventure
1984 Weetabix Colour em in Pad
Colour Em In
1984 Weetabix Home Computer Competition -  Weetabix vs Titchies
Home Computer & Weetabix Game
1984 Weetabix Weet Olympix Stickers1
1984 Weetabix Club Radio (1)
Weetagang Radio
PGL Adventure Holiday
1982 Weetabix Cliff Richard Childrens Hospital Appeal Show Post
Children’s Hospital Appeal
1981 Weetabix Win a Barratt Home (2)1 small
Win a Barratt House
1981 Weetabix Premium Savings Bond Game Shop Display (1)1 small
Premium Bond Prize Game
1980s Weetabix Weetagang Packet (1)1 small


1985 Weetabix Get into Sports Pack Badge
Get Into Sport
1985 Weetabix Choose your Adventure Books
Choose your Own Adventure
1985 Weetabix Top Trax Postcards 7 small
Top Trax Tapes
1986 Weetabix Dr Barnado's Cutout House (3)
Dr Barnardo’s Fund Raising
1986 Weetabix Scary Stickers2 small
Scary Stickers
1986 Weetabix Crew made Bixie1 small
Weetabix Crew Models
1986 Weetabix Philips Radio Competition1 small
Philips Roller Radio Competition
1986 Weetabix Top Trax 3
Top Trax 2 Tapes
1987 Weetabix Weet Gang Just Do It stickers1
Just Do It Stickers
1987 Weetabix Just Do it T Shirt (betr)
Just Do It T-Shirt
1987 Weetabix Pop Quiz Games2
Pop Quiz Games
1988 Weetabix Crayola Crayons1 small
Crayola Set
1988 Weetabix ET Video sticker1 small
ET Video Stickers
1987 Weetabix Lego set 1484 (1)2 small
Legoland House
1988 Weetabix Paint By Numbers set2 small
Paint By Numbers
1988 Weetabix Phillips Wedge Competition (2)1 small
Philips Wedge Radio Competition
1988 Weetabix Wonderland Atlas
Wonderworld Atlas
1989 Weetabix Dinosaurs & Other Prehistoric Animals book
Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Animals
1989 Weetabix Corgi vehicles Collection
Corgi Cars & Limited Edition Set
1989 weetabix Illustrated British History Book2
British History Book
1988 Weetabix Cindy Offer (1)1 small
Sindy Doll
1986 Weetabix 50th Jubilee Storage Tin
Weetabix Jubilee Tin
1986 Weetabix The Story of Weetabix (2)1 small
The Story of Weetabix
1988 Weetabix Weetagang Bag (2)1 small
Weetagang Sportsbag






1990 Weetabix Lego Racing Cars Dragstar
Lego Racing Car Kits
1991 Weetabix Transformers Fireflight
Sindy & Transformers
1990 Weetabix Wonderworld Illustrated Oxford Dictionary
Illustrated Oxford Dictionary
1992 Weetabix Illustrated Book of Facts
Book of Facts
1992 Weetabix Tell Me About Books1 small
Tell me About Books
1992 Weetabix Winners Gear
Bits for Bikes
1993 Weetabix Bugs Bunny Mug & Bowl set
Bugs Bunny & Weetabix Bowl/Mug
1993 Weetabix Jurassic Park back1
Jurassic Park
1993 Weetabix Stingray Models (1)1 small
Stingray Models
1993 Weetabix Wild World of Animals Books1 small
Wild World Animal Books
1994 Weetabix Storage Tin1 small
Roald Dahl books & Weetabix Tin
1994 Weetabix Performance Cars2
Performance Cars
1994 Weetabix Where's Wally in Hollywood back1
Where’s Wally
1991 Weetabix Matchbox Cars (betr)1
Matchbox Cars
1990 Weetabix Ladybird Books1 small
Ladybird Books & Weetabix Tin
1994 Weetabix Start the Day (2)1 small
Healthy Eating
1994 Weetabix Toppings Ideas (1)1 small
Topping Ideas






1995 Weetabix Star Trek Stickers1
Star Trek Next Generation
1995 Weetabix K'Nex Set 1 instruction card1
Knex Set
1995 Weetabix Ristar Sega Games competition
Ristar Sega Games
1995 Weetabix Puffin Books
Puffin Books
1995 Weetabix Recipe Favourites Pack 2 small
Recipe Favourites
1996 Weetabix World Atlas
World Atlas
1996 weetabix Top of the Pops Tapes set
Top of the Pops Cassettes
1997 Weetabix Dictionary Collection 2
Dictionary Collection
1997 Weetabix Argos £10 savings
Argos Savings
1997 Weetabix Knex Set 3 small
Knex Set 2
1997 Weetabix Recipe Card  (1)1 small
Recipe Cards
1997 Weetabix Easy Reference Guides set1 small
Quick Reference Cards
1998 Weetabix Puffin Books
Puffin Books
1998 weetabix Lorry Collection Articulated Volvo Lorry
Corgi Lorry Collection
1998 Weetabix Q&A Books set
Kingfisher Q&A
1998 Weetabix Knex set 4 small
Knex Set 3
1999 Weetabix Free Cinema Tickets
Cinema Tickets
1999 Weetabix Alton Tower Tickets
Alton Tower Tickets
1999 Weetabix Recipe calendar
Recipe Calendar
1999 Weetabix Books of the Millenium case
Millennium Books
weetabix Storage Tin
Weetabix Collection


2000 Weetabix DK Encyclopedia Discs1 small
DK Encyclopedias
2000 Weetabix Knex set 5 small
Knex Set 4
2000 weetabix Chicken Run Soft Toys
Chicken Run Bean Toys
2001 weetabix Storage Tin & Leaflet
Weetabix Tin
2001 Weetabix Tomb Raider (2)1n small
Tomb Raider
2001 Weetabix Free Cinema tickets1 small
Cinema Tickets
2002 Weetabix 70th Anniversary bowls (betr)2
70th Anniversary bowl
2002 Weetabix £1m competion (3)1 small
£1m Competition
2003 Weetabix Mini Competition1 small
Win a Mini
2004 Weetabix Top Trumps (2)1 small
Top Trumps
2004 Weetabix Olympic cycling1 small
Olympic Virtual Games
2004 Weetabix Kingfisher Books1 small
Kingfisher Books
2005 Weetabix General packet  (2)
General Goodness
2006 Weetabix Week Recipes (1)
Weetabix Week
2007 Weetabix Week Recipes (2)
Wetabix Week 2
2009 Weetabix Shaun the Sheep Books (2)1 small
Shaun the Sheep
2007 Weetabix Surfs Up Talking Buddy1 small
Surfs Up Talking Buddy
2009 Weetabix£1m cash prize1 small
£1m Competition




2010 +

2011 Weetabix general healthy & nutricious
General Nutrition
2012 Weetabix Fuel Britannia Diamand Jubilee pack (1)
Fuel Britannia
2012 Weetabix Try Me Hot
Try Me Hot
2012 Weetabix Weetakid online game
Weetakid Online
2013 Weetabix Easy Open Wrap
Easy Open
2010 Weetabix Toy Story 3 Competition1 small
Toy Story 3 Competition
2014 Weetabix Sports Day with Mo Farah1 small
Sports Day with Mo Farah
2014 Weetabix Fuel for Chilly Days1 small
Fuel for Chilly Days
2015 Weetabix Weetabuddy Prize box2 (3)
Weetabuddy Creator Kit
2015 Weetabix Strawberry Pick Your Nose (2)1 small 2
Pick Your Nose Competition
2015 Weetabix What are You Made of (2)1 small
What Are You Made Of?
2015 Weetabix Weetabuddy Soft Toy Competition Twins (3)
Weetabuddy Soft Toy
2016 Weetabix Win a Sports Legend1 small
Win a Sports Legend
2016 Weetabix Banana1 small
Banana Weetabix
2017 Weetabix Toppings1 small
How Will You Top It
2017 Weetabix Additions Apple & Raisins New (3)1 small
2017 Weetabix Despicable Me3 screen1 small
Despicable Me 3 Competition
2017 Weetabix Want to Enjoy a Healthy Start1 small
Healthy Start
2017 Weetabix £5 Frui (1)1 small
£5 Fruit Discount



Unknown Dates/Item

Weetabix bowl 2
Weetabix Bowl
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